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for those who care, pretend they care and/or at least acted as if they cared... here's somewhat of an explaination. WUF called it quits a few months back. it's taken me this long to announce it due to denial. and for the record, i still plan on denying it. our reasons are our own, and i won't speak for the others. i do want to say, without getting too emo, that i loved this band and what we were about more than anything. we stayed true to what we believed and i think that always showed [ even in the worst cases like fights, attitudes and shitty shows]. i'm thankful to have covered so much life with my bandmates. they taught me a lot about music, art, life and myself. the thought of playing without them seems retarded to me. anyway, i saw the emo meter spike out on that last line, so it's time to wrap it all up.... our future is unknown. a 7" is still "sorta" planned. but when, where, why and how are still unknown. the websites [both myspace and] will stay up for now. we'll post there on any new projects, plans or stabbings. thanks for supporting us. and i want to especially thank a handful of kids [you know who the fuck you are] for keeping rock honest, treating us like family and giving us their hearts on so many occasions. my homeland. my people. THE END. -gordie P.S. we pretty much fucking ruled...

damn, we sure take our sweet time updating this site. sorry about that. here's the deal: we're going into the studio next week, 5/29, to record some new songs plus a newer/prettier version of "fake your death". two of the songs will be released as a 7" in time for our upcoming july tour. we should have some other new merch about that time too. as for touring; we'll list all dates on the site once we get shit confirmed. the near future is looking pretty exciting. late.

YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, I HEARD A STORY! there's talk of june and august tours this summer. and there's talk of releasing a 7" or CD of a few new songs to coincide with the tours. tentative tour dates should go up darn soon...

WUF should be back on the road this summer. we're planning on june & august tours. until then we're spending time writing new songs & playing locally [sorta]. peace.

october is here. yay. wow. yes. there really isn't anything new to report. we're writing new songs, having deep talks [getting emo] and finding the motivation to book more local shows. so keep checking back for show updates. see ya.

hello mutha trucka's! sorry we've been out of the loop for a while... the overwhelming let down of the 3 last tours really threw us for a loop. we've been, and still are, in recovery. we're trying to find a new game plan and writing some new songs. so stick with us, we'll be back soon to kick your ass! rock out...

"hang yourself from a tree" 2005 summer tour starts now. come hang with us. check the shows page for tour schedule. love you. bye.

so we thought we'd see how popular we are by trying one of these messege board things. go here to check it out.

we're working on a july/august tour. we're also trying to fill in the months prior. keep checking the shows page as new shows come up every fucking day. miss you all. rock..

well, we survived another tour. barely. here's an update, it's a long one! the good & bad: 1 warrant for arrest [tennesse], 1 tooth knocked out, new transmition [#4], debt too deep to explain, 1 pair of glasses broken, 1 loan from parents, 1 zak scream of pain and frusteration, 3 days of a grumpy josh hill, 1 darin explosion, 1 awakening by loud couch sex accompanied with andrew w. k., 1 haircut, lots of hugs, lots of food, a few new friends, 3 new doggy friends, 1 birthday party [4 birthdays], 1 missing wife, 1 crotch-rocket wheelie, one car full of chicks that wanted us, 127438569098376 bad/strange looks, one package of oreo cookies thrown at jerk-band, total of 12 push up's, counted to 100 with josh out loud, bought 1 porn, eddie money enter darins heart and fills it with love, , 4572516 van horn honks at strangers, 45464849494 middle fingers thrown to each other/strangers/animals, witnessed 1 plane wreck [seriously] and 3 car wrecks, went insane about 14 times collectivly and zero [seriously] band fights. thank to you, sir: trevor [for saving our life in fargo], laurel and shaina [for their suprise attack in watertown and fargo!], the pierre, SD kids [you know what for. there are no words to express the joy you've brought to our lives. all we can say is that you guys have made our mission in life worth every struggle, heartache and stress. you've made what we're doing take shape and become what we always hoped it would, but never believed it could. thanks], the fargo kids [for rocking out as always], always the runner [beautiful music and beautiful people], the el paso kids [you made the south worth the trip!], sean in billings [sorry we're a bunch of thugs. sorry about the cops. thanks for understanding.], robin & family [for letting us come home, again], taman & tanner [taman, dude, stop growing. tanner, i know you love me], everyone else we met and helped us out [if we forgot you or an event you witnessed, sorry. we're old.] .

we kicked ass and put together a little make-up tour for ya. cities we won't make it to this month will get hit hard in june for sure. so bring the wallet you beat out of that old lady and buy some of our new merch. we gots 2 new t-shirt designs & colors, stickers, patches, posters, colored vinyl records and your choice of a handshake, hug or frenchy-kissy.

7 tours and we've never had to cancel shows due to gods wrath on our bodies. darin left portland with "the sickness" and it didn't take long for gordie and zak to catch it as well. gordie and zak have bronchitis [gordie can't sing] and are slowly dying. darin's "the sickness" won't leave him alone. and although josh says he feels fine, we all know he's a fucking liar. and if he's not lying then we are going to lick his face until he gets sick. it's only fair. so yeah, we regretfully have to cancel this tour. we're working on making up dates in april, so it won't be long. thanks to everyone who came out to the few shows we were able to play. and thanks to the bands for dealing with a grumpy, sick, ugly WUF. don't commit suicide. we'll be back in april. promise. and we'll be a "the sickness" free WUF. we rock better alive than dead. thanks! -the voice of WUF

hello mr. tour! here we come! WUF is leaving on friday for a march tour. some dates have yet to be confirmed, so check back for last minute updates in WA, UT, ID, MI and WI. see you all soon!

i'm sure this update is pointless as it seems that we were the last to know about the halo closing. no one bothered to contact us and our attempts at contacting them have failed. so, i think it's obvious that we're not playing tonight. sorry. we're bummed. and now that your plans for the night have fallen through, you're probably wondering what to do instead. well, i have a suggestion: play the mel gibson game. go to any bar, get drunk and yell out "it's mel gibson" to every fool who walks through the door. sound lame? you gotta try it to see what i mean. it's fun. e-mail us for more game suggestions...

in case you didnt notice, it is now 2005. the year that the autobots face a terrifing planet devouring monster named UNICRON. duh! so lets all come together and help the autobots not only defeat unicron but also the decepticons. oh, and the tour is s l o w l y coming together. check out the shows page religously for updates. my new years resolutions? i'm glad you asked... to go on tour and stay on tour. to leave my apartment once in a while. to stop talking to robots...i mean, my dresser. and to stop singing songs about dragons, wizards and villages. but scientist songs are ok. bye.

sweet. so we have found yet another new bassist. his name is darin. he's scared of you, so be nice to him. and please don't make fun of his flat top haircut or fanny pack. oh, and he drives a BRAT. don't laugh at him. so you know what this means, right? we've posted some tentative tour dates on the shows page. check 'em out. stay sweet. shit.

thanks to everyone who came out on halloween and rocked their shit! special thanks to the stage diver and 2 crowd surfers. way to keep the dream alive! we're trying out bassists now and once we trick one into playing with us, we'll put up a tentative tour schedule. stay sweet.

check out the delusions of adequacy review. rock it.

sup? first off, check out the upcoming issue of punk planet for a pretty killer review. also, we'll be playing the crystal ballroom in portland on halloween. details on the shows page. headlining will be art alexakis [of everclear] and "friends". shit. what else? oh yeah, check out a killer clothing design company that has so kindly offered to cloth us. GSO clothing will rock your nutz off. seriously. and last but not least, to everyone who has been writing asking us to get off our asses and come rock your town, our goal is february. and we'll make it happen. so grow your rock hair out, get drunk and await our arrival. love ya.

thanks for coming out to our musicfest show and supporting the rock, we appriciate it. we hope it was loud enough. we hope we spit enough. we hope we rocked your nuts off! damn....

hello. if you're bored, read me. these arms were MEANT for arm wrestling.

wuf is playing musicfestnw again this year. again. again. seriously. again. we're playing sept. 11th at the paris theater. 9:00pm sharp. check our shows page for details or check the musicfestnw site. shit man, i love you....

my friend brenna says this reminds her of me. hahaha. just a note to say that if you're ever travelling through kansas, stop at the 21 mile marker for a free CD. on our last tour we taped EPs to the backs of both mile markers. we would have mentioned this sooner, but we all forgot about it. sorry. -gordie orlando

in zak land, "a day or two" really means "probably after i sober up, so don't hold your breath!"... so check out a couple reviews of the new album here and here. also, WUF has a myspace page you can check out here. hopefully a magical bassist will come along soon so we can get back out on the road and rock your nuts off. we miss everyone. up yours!

it's a new website! a bit unfinished, but we'll get it all fixed up in a day or two.

just got home from tour today and couldn't wait to thank everyone for such a beautiful, spiritual and fun tour. this was by far the best tour we've done. thanks to everyone who came to shows and rocked the fuck out. especially the kids in helena [military dolphin!], our family in pierre [thanks for the haircut! we already miss you guys], all the fargo/moorehead kids, midwest blue, the 15th st. tavern [always a fucking adventure], all the SLC kids [you guys always rock HARD!] and of course,our brothers, brian jones. you guys fucking rock, your album is the shit and we're glad you guys came into our lives. see, thats how fuckin' emo WE are.... bitches! seriously, thanks. we'll see ya'll soon. we miss all ya'll.

we're kickin' ass and taking names! tour has been amazing so far. thanks to all the kids who have showed up to support us. and a very special thanks to our rock family in pierre... you guys are the best. seriously. bumclock. also, the shows page has been updated, so check it out!

oh crap! it's coming soon.... free, all ages in-store appearance 5/28 @ o-zone records... 5/29 @ the tonic lounge CD RELEASE sponsored by suicide girls, pabst blue ribbon, willamette week, infintiy tattoo & o-zone records. 100 give away bags of goodies. a free tattoo. tons of pabst gear. free suicide girls subscriptions and more!

you can download "fake your death", the first song from the new WUF album, at the post436 records website. stop that, i hate to be tickled! STOP!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOSH HILL! WUF has lost yet another bassist. adam lost all the fingers on his left hand after a tragic practicle joke gone bad. his buddy joe had locked adam, who was willing, in an old freezer on adams parents' back patio. but they were drunk and joe forgot about adam for 26 hours. by the time adam was released, he was suffering from severe frost bite on his fingers and left arm. all the doctors could do was amputate. take care buddy. we love ya. also, check the shows page for an updated tour schedule. due to this tagic accident, we had to shorten this summers tour a bit. thanks. you've been great.

we head into the studio today to start tracking for our upcoming record. the album is due out june 1st, i believe. this album will prove once and for all that there ain't no party like a west coast party. seriously. and following the release of the album will be a summer US tour. check out a rough schedule on the shows page. like is a battle/love is war.

happy new year. the new wuf album will be out in may/june followed by a US tour in june . check the shows page for a rough schedule soon. i said soon. that doesnt mean today. that means in like a month or something. so ash, dont send any pissy e-mails or else zak will have to teach you a lesson. a LIFE lesson.

want to win some WUF stuff? ok. thats cool. sweet. because post436 records is having a contest. so go there and win some WUF stuff. also, we will be in the studio from feb. 23rd until march 3rd recording our upcoming, self-titled [so far] album. this album will be a fresh start for WUF and with the amount of balls we've put behind it [8 balls to be exact], the album should really kick some ass.

looks like WUF will be releasing their next album on post436 records. this excites us. we do flips. jumps. kicks. happy birthday to WUF. oh, and happy birthday to kara muscutt...

if you missed the woke up falling live broadcast last saturday [10/18] on KEXP in seattle, you can check out the streaming archive. to listen to the show click here (type 6:00PM and select your bandwidth).

magic, man, magic. unicorns, man, unicorns. magical unicorn t-shirts man, magical unicorn t-shirts. THERE HERE! buy one of these limited edition, ass kickin', magical spell castin' t-shirts from post436 records, this website or at all WUF shows. get one soon because once they're gone, who knows if unicorns will be cool anymore? also, while you're out at post436 records, why not pick up a WUF tour poster or CDEP? and if you hate WUF, really make us mad by buying the daniel g. harmann, beforepicture or midwest blue albums. that'll REALLY show us. you go boy....

we have some killer NW shows coming up this fall. make sure to check out our shows page for updated fall and winter shows. limited edition unicorn t-shirts will be here shortly! you have the button, now own the sexy shirt. they will be available from this website and at shows! also, make sure to check out a rough schedule of this summers reject clothing tour.

get serious. check out the shows page for our upcoming musicfestNW showcase showdown

ok, we're gettin' the hell outta here! see ya later portland. see ya soon WA, MT, ND, MN, SD, CO & UT. check out the shows page too... we updated the tour schedule and added a minneapolis date. hope to see some portland peeps at our tour kick-off show tonight. everybody wang-chung tonight!

we're all gettin' ready to head back out on the road. this short upcoming tour will take us to most of our favorite areas & cities to rock with some of the coolest kids around! we're excited to see everyone again. so, get your basement/couch/floor ready, cause here we come again! also, make sure to leave some comments about our hair, muscles, drunken stupidities, deformities & blood loss [danzig style] here.

come give us a hug: 6/13 @ the tonic lounge in portland & 6/21 @ the burning hearts fest II in seattle. whats with this PBR lite stuff? is it any good?

tour: one dead van transmission, one muffler, one blown head gasket [on a new engine], one radiator leak, 8 cancelled shows, zak's pink eye, gordies weird throat tumor [3 weeks and counting of swollen tongue and throat] & bloody fingers, joshs switchblade loss, one messed up guitar, one lost hubcap, 2 parking tickets, one speeding ticket, one van search, one close call with a K-9 dog unit, the spider in the loft and the ticks & chiggers in pierre. huge thanks to robin & family in pierre. all the pierre kids. justin in denver. and thanks to brian jones for making our hell a fun hell [watch out for the spare key strangler & the whistler]. the unicorn winner will be announced next week! and believe me, the prizes are worth the wait. check out our shows page for some upcoming local shows and a summer tour schedule.

alright. after a quik $1800 fix, the van is now back in working order! so, we picked up the tour last night in newport, ky [after an exhausting 20 hour drive and 35 hours of no sleep]. tomorrow night [5/16] we'll be rockin' in buffalo, ny. we know you were worried. calm down. breathe. relax....

well well, what an amazing tour so far! and to celebrate, our van decided to kill its transmission in a drunken stooper. so, for the meantime we're stuck in denver. wichita and kansas city have been cancelled. we'll have details on upcoming shows by monday. cross your fingers! but in other news we recieved our new CDEP, "it's only your ghost". man, it kicks ass. we also recieved our new van, switchblade, unicorn, tree & camaro buttons. oh yeah, and our new posters. "let your halo" is now up on the mp3 page. check that rock out! wish us luck, we need it.